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2 years ago

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Offsite SEO consists of signals that provide evidence that a website is trusted.

As previously explained in my last post, onsite SEO is the process of optimizing content on your website.

Offsite SEO, however, is the process of linking your website elsewhere, and is equally as important. Your website’s Google Search Ranking factors in offsite SEO tactics you’ve made. Good offsite SEO consists of creating backlinks. This is where you post a hyperlink on another website that takes the user back to your site. In doing this you should:

  • Strive for link Diversity
  • Pay attention to “do follow” or “no follow” links
  • Create backlinks on high-quality websites
  • Use relevant anchor text in your links

To begin, you should strive for link diversity when creating backlinks. The growth of social media platforms allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive a lot of clicks to their websites. However, gaining a lot of clicks is merely one factor in determining a high Quality Score.

  • A high Quality Score for advertisers consists of: Clickthrough Rate (CTR), Ad Relevance, & Landing Page Experience

Even if you are not using your website for selling products or services online, it is still important to think about the websites and people you are connecting with. If all of your links are on social media, how will Google be able to efficiently rank your website on the Google Search Network? Think about it in terms of content like my previous post. Good content is linkable. Part of Google’s algorithm is linking similar content online for the purpose of relevant search. You want to create backlinks on high-quality websites that share the same topics with you.

  • While we cannot see it, Google’s mind envisions a “Link Graph,” an ecosystem of pages linking back to your site.

The links as backlinks play a role in establishing the credibility of our own website. Social media may create traffic to your website, but it should merely be one tactic in your link strategy. If you’re not careful in who you choose to backlink to, it is likely that your website will fall in a matter of weeks, according to 

  • The ART of SEO combines: Authority, Relevance, & Trust

It is also important to note that using relevant anchor text in your backlinks is key. Anchor text is the clickable text used in hyperlinks. The Digital Marketing Glossary states that anchor text is usually descriptive texts or URLS. I believe that your anchor text should define the hyperlink in such a way that it allows for extremely easy navigation for the user.

  • Remember, good content is linkable, and easy to navigate!







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