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Introducing the Digital Marketing Major

2 years ago

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The number of universities that include digital marketing as one of their major options is increasing at a coexisting rate with the rise of social media and new technology. Online success and profits are no longer centered around staying above the competition, but connecting with them. The topic of digital marketing includes using your creativity and search engine optimization (SEO) skills in an effective way that leads to high authority and rankings online. The traditional styles of marketing are fading and new styles are become mandatory for companies. Whether you are working for a small or large company, the effects of digital marketing could positively impact the success of the business.

The University of Michigan Dearborn has an excellent Digital Marketing Program that began in 2011. The program is still relatively new, but highly credible. I believe that jobs are interested in this major and more and more small businesses are finding a need for digital marketing in order to better keep up with competition. In addition, young entrepreneurs are getting the help they need to become successful and find their true passions in life.

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